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Rachel Hirsch Schneider- 
PJ Library Coordinator

Like so many before her, Rachel Hirsch Schneider moved with her family to Northampton from Brooklyn, NY. In her four years in the Valley, Rachel has consistently been amazed by the shear number of families with a Jewish connection. It has been her pleasure to get to know those families in both her professional capacity with PJ Library, and on a more personal note as a fellow community member.

Along with being a mom of two, she also enjoys a career as a musician and actor. You can find her playing around the Valley with her duo Golden Bird or perhaps hear her voice on an audiobook. Along with her background in the arts, Rachel's experience as a community connector and network builder, as well as a teaching artist working with 0-5 year olds has proven to be a perfect fit for her work with PJ Library.

If you haven't connected personally with Rachel yet, and would like to, you can reach her here.

(413) 737-4313 Ext 248 or 257

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