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The Joys of Sparkle Havdallah

Ok, I know. I'm a bit late on this one. Sparkle Havdallah 2019 happened way back in February, after all. I got a bit side tracked with conferences, program planning, leading volunteer efforts, and meeting with parents. But there is no better time than the present, right?

So where to begin? How about we start with the facts and figures. 240+ of you joined us for Sparkle Havdallah! That's a big number. You traveled to Lander Grinspoon Academy from New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Boston, and of course Western Mass. You brought your babies, parents, grandparents, teens, toddlers, and friends. You wore glitter and rainbow gear, tutus, face paint, temporary tattoos, and wigs. You made ribbon banners and magic wands, sparkly Havdallah spice bags, took selfies, and sang joyous songs and blessings. You learned the Havdallah ritual, read inclusive stories, and watched in admiration as our fabulous ASL interpreter beautifully relayed all the goings-on in sign. But most importantly, you came together as a Jewish community to celebrate individuality, spirituality, and our LGBTQ+ selves, friends, families, and neighbors. You made it clear that we live in a community filled with love, hope, and welcoming open arms. And you reminded me why I love raising my children along-side yours.

If you missed this year's Sparkle Havdallah with emcee Felicia Sloin, our top notch drag storytellers Claude Kitten, T the Amazing, and Mxter Frizzle, and the 240 community members, don't fret! You can join us next year, and the year after that, and the year after that. Because New England has spoken and Sparkle Havdallah is here to stay!

Check out some of our favorite photos from the event here- generously provided by Elizabeth Solaka Korelitz Photography.

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